The quality crawler by

Automated analysis of outbound links

Our quality crawler will automatically analyse a blog's external links and summarise them for you in an overview providing the individual anchor texts and link targets. Even before booking you will gain a good insight into the quality of a blog's links.

Blog rating

Evaluate applicants quicker

The quality crawler is available to you for any blog with RSS feed on applying to your tenders. Just one click will take you to the quality crawler, which will show the outbound links for the blog's last 10 articles. You will see titles and the links within the articles at a glance and if necessary can check the original article on the blog.

Outbound link history

Once data has been collected they will not be deleted from the quality crawler. Over time the crawler will have more and more data about a blog, allowing it to analyse the outbound links of websites even more accurately. No link will be lost. When booking you can therefore also consider a blog's history.

All quality characteristics at a glance

Analysing data from the user-based rating system and the quality crawler, along with the SEO values provided, allow our advertisers to make a knowledgeable review of a blog's quality directly on This eliminates the need to personally examine the blog prior to booking. We provide all the important information.

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