Ratings on DomainBoosting.com

User-based rating system

Our user-based rating system allows advertisers to make a quick and reliable assessment of the quality aspect to be expected from a blog.

For publishers, on the other hand, the ratings provide valuable feedback and incitement to further improve their services offered.

Blog rating

Visual appearance

The visual image is the first impression visitors to a blog will experience. This impression is also import to search engine owners: websites canvassed with flashy and bothersome advertising banners typically rank far behind neatly structured websites in search engines.

Quality of articles

The quality of the articles pertains to the overall impression of all articles published on the blog. Google and the like are always optimising their search engines to particularly prefer the websites where contents providing a true added value to users. The ratings on the quality of the articles provides information if a blog's contents were created for actual users or only for the search engine crawlers.

Topic consistent on website

Relevance is the be all and end all of link building. The big search engines assess backlinks much higher than if the outbound links covers the same or similar topics as the website it references. To build relevant links it's therefore important to be able to determine how closely a blog relates to the specified topics.

User activity

Real users not only provide the heavily discussed social signals, which are predicted to have an increasing impact on the ranking in search engine results. A blog's higher user activity also increases the chance to have published articles boosted by additional backlinks from outside. This opportunity must be recognised to use it, which is why DomainBoosting.com allows the assessment of a blog's user activity.

Quality of outbound links

The number and quality of outbound links in a blog provide information about the link power obtained in a backlink. From experience, backlinks in a blog where the link profile has many external links to less reliable websites are less effective in search machine results than links in blogs using external links with care.

Publisher rating

Approve document link

Publishers of the blogs booked by you will put your publication online within 5 business days provide the document link to the article. If all of your specifications have been met as requested, you will then complete the booking.

Self-description rating

Neben den umfangreichen SEO-Werten und der geprüften Kategorie-Einordnung, haben die Advertiser die Selbstbeschreibung des Publishers um das passende Angebot für Projekt möglichst schnell zu finden. Mit dieser Bewertung sollen die Publisher ermutigt werden, ihre Blogs möglichst ausführlich und präzise zu beschreiben.

Quality of free of charge extra services

In addition to providing an article image a publisher can also offer to promote the published articles through his profile on the big social media networks. The quality of these extra services can vary from publisher to publisher. The extra services rating shows whether other SEOs were satisfied with past additional services.

Communication rating

If there are any differences in opinions, communicating about the job is the first is the first option for both sides. If problems arise during a booking the publisher should submit his inquiry as soon as possible and describe the problem as clearly as possible to ensure quick processing.

Text quality rating

Advertisers rate the quality of the texts supplied by the publisher after a booking is completed. The overall impression of the text is important. Correct spelling has just as big of an impact on the text quality rating as a good form of expression or a high information content.

Requirements fulfilled rating

How exactly does the publisher use the advertiser's specifications when working on the job? The rating for meeting specifications provides information on how well publishers meet the expectations of their employers with respect to the overall publication.

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