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Linkbuilding for SEO, Traffic & Branding

Increase rankings, traffic and branding with high quality linkbuilding.
Publish as advertiser editorial articles with backlinks to your website on authentic blogs, high quality online-magazines and wide range Mediasites.

Link building: more efficient and easier than ever

With you will quickly and effectively receive valuable links to improve your search engine rankings. No more time-consuming searches for new link sources, simply select them from a wide range of verified offers.

Tenders: let the right blogs come to you

Generate a tender within minutes to which publishers can apply with their blogs. You can specify requirements in advance which a blog must meet to be able to apply for your tender. Applications already received can be filtered after the fact using a number of criteria so you will ultimately only receive those offers which are actually pertain to you.   More information »

Valuable websites, checked manually

We know what's important in link building and only allow those websites to join, which meet our high quality standards. This effectively protects you from spam blogs and link networks.

Blogs covering topics for any niche contains a wide range of blogs on any topic conceivable. These are divided into various categories so you can easily recognise link sources related to the topic.

Permanent links: one-time payments - no rental

Link building with is cost-efficient and provides a quick return of investment. Once links have been inserted they are permanent with us, and are fully settled with only one payment.

View blog: before booking

On you're not just buying the pig in the poke. Here you can review the blogs applying to your tenders with your own, before even deciding to book.

Anchor texts and link targets: complete control

To allow for accurate link building on, you as the advertiser are the only one to determine how your links will be inserted. For each link you decide how the anchor texts and link targets should look.

Creating content: provide yourself or have it created

You are flexible in deciding whether to supply the article yourself or give the blogger free rein whilst also going easy on your resources.

Article image and Social Promotion: free extra services

In addition to composing text, many publishers also offer to provide the matching article image or to promote the published article on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Thus in addition to building the actual link you can improve your social signals without any additional work.

SEO metrics: informative & free of charge

For every website we provide a number of technical values free of charge so you will have an accurate picture of the blog's quality.

We will fetch the following metrics for you:

  • Linkpop (SEOkicks)
  • Domainpop (SEOkicks)
  • IP-Pop (SEOkicks)
  • ClassC-Pop (SEOkicks)
  • Static visibility (SEO Diver)
  • DomainAuthority (SEOmoz)
  • mozRank (SEOmoz)

API metrics: set your own standard

To ensure you will be able to continue using your favorite metrics to review websites, supports a series of API metrics, which you can easily integrate into by adding your API access information. This for example allows applications received to be sorted and filtered by your preferred metric with just a few clicks.

The API metrics currently supported include:

  • Sistrix
  • Visibility index
  • Domain age
  • Social votes (Facebook, Twitter & Google+)
  • Indexed pages
  • Number of keywords
  • Link data (Link-Pop, Domain-Pop, etc.)

User-based rating system

Ratings from other advertisers provide you with quick conclusion about the quality of the blogs and the publisher's work. This allows you to easier recognise and select particularly valuable link sources.

Quality crawler: assess blog offers quicker

Our quality crawler will automatically analyse a blog's external links and summarise them for you so that you will have a good insight into the quality of a blog's external links.

Content- and link planner: plan your link building from A to Z

Our content- and link planner will help you assign bookings and eases the job of building links by allowing you to plan the entire link building process. You will see previously used contents and links at a glance, and which links or which content your plan foresees for the next publication.

These planning features further allow further link building to easily be delegated with, and you can monitor the status at any time.

Statistics: link targets, anchor texts, keywords, domain mentions

Our statistics tool will analyse all of your links for you and outlines the analysis of the link profile. Define the most important keywords for your domain and your statistics will show exactly how many and which one of your links show keyword mentions. We will also automatically analyse your links for domain mentions.

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