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The relevance of the website determines the effectiveness of backlinks

In times when every backlink is taken with a grain of salt, SEO metrics provide the comparison and rating of various websites. No SEO can get by without a “Toolbox”. Not every link provides the desired result. To assess the effectiveness of a backlink SEO metrics provide a number of indicators to get a picture of the "Link Power" a link has. This page provides you with some metrics suppliers whose SEO metrics can be integrated into Simply add the supplier's API key to

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The visibility index by Sistrix, one of the pioneers in SEO metrics, is a technical value commonly known in the SEO world and has been well-proven in the field. The index is a result of an analysed website's visibility in the Google ranking for a number of individual and combined keywords.

In addition to the visibility index, the Sistrix Toolbox provides many other informative metrics on virtually any website found on Google. The Sistrix index used to compute the individual metrics, now contains over 50 million domains and is currently available for five countries. Learn more directly at

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XOVI is one of the latest SEO tools on the market of metrics providers, but already convinces with a solid database of backlinks and keywords. The OVI value (Online Value Index) measures how strong a website's presences is among the Google search results by considering the rank among the search results as well as the anticipated search volume of all search queries form the XOVI database in the computation. During its three years of existence the OVI has developed into a recognised standard in the SEO world.

With values such as Host-Pop, IP-Pop or Domain-Pop, XOVI also provides essential metrics which are a must for every SEO tool set. The backlink database has been growing since 2009 and is now a sound basis for link analysis with XOVI. The option to add custom keywords and backlinks to the index is particularly valued. Learn more about working with the SEO tools by XOVI at

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Searchmetrics GmbH is a supplier for search- and social analysis software. The Searchmetrics Suite provides you a large data volume on website rankings, search keywords, aggregating the and making the respective relevant competitor groups evaluable. Searchmetrics Suite provides you with insight on the visibility of websites in search engines in 124 countries, 155 cities and the biggest social media sites. By integrating the API key you will have direct access to SearchmetricsVisibility, SearchmetricsBacklinks, SearchmetricsEduLinks and many other metrics. For more information visit

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