Tenders on DomainBoosting.com

Relevant blogs come to you

A tender at DomainBoosting.com continuously provides you with new blog applications from publishers who are actually interested in a job, without a lot of work to you. Your applicants are summarised in a filterable and sortable overview from which you then only need to select the blogs to book.

Plan project (optional)

Keep a complete overview of your link building! The content- and link planner will analyse any links in your projects for the frequency of domain- and Keyword mentions and summarise them in a statistic. Conveniently determine in advance which links and which content should be used for your project.

Add tender

You will create a tender specifying more details about the blogs you are seeking. You can select up to 3 categories of topics, define a minimum page ranking and determine the author of the text.

Collect applications

Publishers with blogs matching the requirements of your tender will apply for your tender. Thus you will shortly receive a number of relevant applications without any work.

Selection of attractive applicants

Applications received, along with a number of informative SEO results, will be summarized for you in an overview. Our wide range of filters and sort options will make it easy for you to select attractive applications. You can even have your preferred SEO metrics fetched via DomainBoosting.com and integrate them in our filters.

Award bookings

An application can be accepted up to 14 days following the expiration of a request for proposals. When booking you conveniently determine the mandatory links and, if applicable, the content for the publication and simply and conveniently select these from your....

Approve document link

Publishers of the blogs booked by you will put your publication online within 5 business days provide the document link to the article. If all of your specifications have been met as requested, you will then complete the booking.

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